Is Yacht Ownership Right For Me?

If you've ever wondered whether yacht ownership is right for you, then there's a good chance that you've experienced a charter vacation (or vacations!) before, and can no longer enjoy a regular, land-based vacation, in the same way, ever again! For a lucky few, however, buying a yacht is often the next step, and, in this blog, we'll meet Dan and Taylor, who joined the TradeWinds Yacht OwnerShip Program back in 2017.

Yacht Owners Dan and Taylor

There's no denying that the idea of owning a yacht is the ultimate dream of a lifetime. But why should it be just a dream? Yacht ownership has become a reality for those who want to invest in a jet-set lifestyle that will reward them with years of luxury travel and unforgettable experiences. And, if you choose to purchase via an Ownership Program, there's the added benefit of a brand-new, custom-built yacht, a professional, full-time crew, and no management fees, operating expenses, maintenance or insurance costs. With all the details taken care of, all you'll need to do is sit back, relax, and unwind in all-inclusive luxury – who wouldn't want that?

Getting Started with Yacht Ownership

Buying a yacht will, without doubt, change your life, but a significant investment such as yacht ownership doesn't have to be daunting. Gone are the days of sorting through all the details such as finding a boat manufacturer, hiring a reputable crew, or managing maintenance by yourself, that's one headache you don't need. That's the beauty of an ownership program like ours. We'll take care of the details through each stage of the process so that you can set sail and enjoy the benefits of being a yacht owner. Become the captain of your ship, or this case catamaran, and leave the rest to us!

Not sure where to base your yacht? Well, quite simply, the world is your oyster. From the South Pacific to the Caribbean, there are plenty of dream destinations to choose from.Take a look for yourself.

Now in its fourth year, the TradeWinds Yacht OwnerShip Program has created an exclusive group of Owners who are enjoying the extensive benefits that come with the program.

Introducing Dan and Taylor. Back in 2017, they purchased a Maestro version TradeWinds 52, named "TLSea", and they decided to place their beautiful brand-new yacht in sensational St Martin. The following year the proud new owners took their first charter with friends and family who helped them to celebrate their exciting new lifestyle!

Yacht Owners Dan,Taylor and friends celebrating

"We are currently in our second year of Yacht OwnerShip with TradeWinds, and we're very proud of TLSea, our Fountaine-Pajot Trade-Winds 52. Magnus, Garry, and Ian worked closely with us to get our yacht completed in time. It's such a thrilling experience to be sailing your own yacht with friends and family!"

Earlier this year, Dan and Taylor decided to place their yacht in St Vincent and the Grenadines because they wanted to sail the beautiful Tobago Cays. This also gave them a chance to visit nearby Bequia - just in time for the annual Bequia Blues Festival!

Yacht Owners Dan and Taylor

"Our sailing weeks have been just as exciting. We also enjoy our twice a year gathering with fellow owners and the TradeWinds team. These get togethers have allowed us to make many new friends, as well as experience a feeling of family with the other owners."

Yacht Owners Dan and Taylor

The opportunity to experience luxury sailing onboard your own yacht, and a chance to discover, explore, and enjoy paradise destinations around the world doesn't have to be a dream. In fact, there's never been a better time to enjoy the benefits that come with this lifestyle.

Yacht Owners Dan and Taylor

To learn more about yacht ownership or to live the dream like Dan and Taylor, contact us today.


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