Turkish Delight…Full of OwnerShip Promise

There's no denying that making the decision to buy a yacht is life-changing. But it doesn't have to be a daunting process, in fact, far from it. In this blog, we'll introduce you to our very first TradeWinds Yacht Owners. Their decision to buy a yacht helped us to create the TradeWinds Yacht OwnerShip Program. So, if you've ever wondered whether it's easy to buy a yacht, then read on to find out more!

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How to Buy a Yacht with TradeWinds

Back in 2015, TradeWinds didn't offer a Yacht OwnerShip Program, but it had been an idea that we had toyed with for a little while. However, in October of that year, everything changed!

We received an email from a gentleman living in Dubai, who was looking to buy a yacht and wanted to place it in a fleet. Both he and his wife had done some research on companies who offered this service, but they didn't offer the type of yacht that they were interested in. They discovered that we had the Fountaine-Pajot Ipanema 58 in our fleet, which we called the TradeWinds 60, so they contacted us asking if we had an OwnerShip Program. Well, we didn't, but later on that day, we did!

We quickly put an outline idea together and sent it to these folks who thought that our offer was a good one! Their next step was to head for Istanbul, where Fountaine-Pajot was showing an Ipanema 58. We decided that a little bit of Turkish Delight was in order, and we booked a ticket to Istanbul to meet our prospective owners at the Boat Show.

These lovely folks turned out to be successful businessman Chirag Shah and his beautiful wife Ilke, who is, in fact, Turkish and delightful! We met at the show, had a tour of the yacht, and we talked about when they might like to have their yacht and where they might like to have it placed. The answers were simple. They wanted to have the yacht by the following summer and wanted to have it placed in the Mediterranean for her first season. They have two lovely daughters, Lara and Yasmin, and wanted to have a full two-week family vacation on their own yacht. We asked them where they would like to sail, and they said, "Sardinia, please!" So, Sardinia, it was.

By the end of 2015, we had our very first Owners and our first-ever OwnerShip yacht in the fleet. The following year, Chirag, Ilke, and their daughters took their first-ever Owners' charter around the beautiful island of Sardinia on their newly christened yacht "JimJams".

Chirag and Ilke truly helped us to break new ground, and not only helped to create our fast-growing and exclusive TradeWinds Yacht OwnerShip Program but also visit new destinations like Corsica, which is now a permanent fixture on the TradeWinds sailing experiences schedule.

In 2020, the Shah family will sail in the gorgeous Balearics Islands. They've also suggested that one year we should even sail in Turkey! Will we sail there? Well, we don't know, but Chirag is pretty persuasive when it comes to placing his yacht, and if we did, we're sure that there would be even more Turkish Delight to come!

Chirag, Ilke, Lara, and Yasmin, thanks for being our OwnerShip Pioneers - we look forward to seeing you out on your beautiful yacht again next year!

Chirag and Ilke bought a yacht with TradeWinds

If you're inspired by the Shah's yacht ownership journey and would like to find out how you can buy a yacht with TradeWinds, please contact our team today.


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