My wife Ilke and I joined TradeWinds directly under the OwnerShip program; we were never members before. But that is now 4 years ago and since then me and my family have enjoyed a number of special sailing experiences on our own yacht as a family.

We 'took a dip' and …oh my goodness, we got pulled in! I know it sounds sycophantic but these guys are our family now. Not just the TradeWinds team, the entire OwnerShip clan – like a club within a club. We have had lots of fabulous family experiences on our beautiful yacht and look forward to many more wonderful years with this crazy, loveable bunch. To tell you more would be to spoil it – feel the force, go with your instincts!

Chirag and Ilke Shah

"In March of 2001, my then husband and I sailed on a Tradewinds yacht for the first time. We were so enamoured of the experience that we decided to become TradeWinds members. Over the years we have had many wonderful experiences and added to our membership on a regular basis. Three years ago, I sailed on the very first OwnerShip yacht, JimJams, which was then based in the Mediterranean. Pretty much on the spot, I decided that I wanted to be part of this exciting, new TradeWinds OwnerShip program so I purchased my own TradeWinds 60 which I named Karma.

Yacht OwnerShip is a wonderful way to sail with family and friends and share your yacht with your loved ones. So much so that I am now in the process of purchasing 'Karma Too!' set to launch in the spring of 2021. I cannot be more excited, as the directors and I agreed that this new boat will be part of a very special new adventure. Watch this space! I am very pleased to be part of the Owner's Group. How could you not invest in your own special dream?"

Patti Grant

"Mark and I joined TradeWinds in January 2015 while sailing the BVI's. We rented the boat for our friends to enjoy the week. We were fairly new to sailing and loved waking up every morning somewhere new with different views of the beach, mountains and marinas - all with delicious food and drinks onboard. It was simply breathtaking, relaxing, fun and unplugged, and was the trip of a lifetime for all of us aboard.

Becoming a member was very exciting. TradeWinds has a great membership program and a growing fleet. We booked a trip in June 2016 to Guadeloupe. On this trip, we were introduced to the OwnerShip Program and decided it was time to make the move to become an Owner/Partner with TradeWinds to open up more options. The decision was easy for us because of the two-week free program each year; being able to coordinate with TradeWinds on basing the boat and specific dates; and a guaranteed rate of return on our investment for five years. In addition to the two weeks as members, we can use our PlusPoints at any time for our boat or any other boats in the fleet - based upon availability.

TradeWinds staff helped coordinate everything with Fountaine Pajot. The quick turnaround on all the paperwork meant that in December 2016, we were sailing on our new Ella Lee 70-foot flagship yacht in St. Maartin and St. Barth's with family and friends.

The partnership with TradeWinds takes all the hard work and responsibility out of owning and operating a yacht of this magnitude. When we come aboard, it's all fun, relaxation and no worries. TradeWinds has responsibility for all the maintenance, insurance and daily care of the vessel. We know that Ella Lee is in qualified hands."

Karen Carey & Mark Wilken

We are in our second year of yacht OwnerShip. We are very proud of our Fontaine Pajot Trade-Winds 52 that we named TLSea. We had a financial event in 2017 that made an investment in the TradeWinds owners program a very good idea with significant tax benefits. Everything after the decision was made went smoothly with Magnus, Garry and Ian all helping to get our yacht completed in time and we sailed her maiden voyage in January 2018 in St Martin. What a thrilling experience to be sailing your own yacht with friends and family. Since that time, our owners weeks have been just as exciting and our twice a year gathering of owners and TradeWinds leadership have allowed us to make many new friends and to truly experience a feeling of family with the other owners.

Whether it is a financial event or just a long-standing desire to be a yacht owner, the TradeWinds OwnerShip Program proved to be the right way for us to live out that dream. We are very grateful to THE TRADEWINDS TEAM for having the vision for this new OwnerShip program in TradeWinds. We are already thinking about what might be next for TradeWinds and for us.

Taylor & Dan

In 2010 when we booked our very first TradeWinds cruise, we were just looking for a unique vacation experience and a cabin on a sailing catamaran seemed like a cool idea. Little did we know then that what we really found was a family of like-minded cruisers who love to experience life to the fullest. During that cruise, we purchased our first membership and that began our love affair with sailing and TradeWinds. This unplugged life was a way for Kristie and myself to enjoy the good life and the company our fellow cruisers. We simply never realized how much fun doing nothing could be! After our 3rd cruise we decided that we wanted to do this full time for 2 years in 2025 but talking to brokers today was useless as most of them just wanted to sell you a boat now and sell you what they had in stock at that moment. They also were not interested in making relationships for a sale that would happen in 4-6 years or what yacht would be great for us then. One day we received a regular TradeWinds email talking about the success of the owner’s program and that they had several yachts for sale so Kristie and I decided to learn more. TradeWinds had several ways that we could purchase our future sailing vessel today and found one that matched our economic and sailing desires and here we are!

No more stressing about who to purchase a boat from in the future or if it was previously damaged. No more worries if the maintenance was performed on time and if we were getting good value for our money. All of the hassles associated with yacht ownership has been removed for us. In 2024, Good Ol’ Days will be ours full time and in the meantime we get to enjoy all of the fabulous benefits of being an owner and get to take amazing trips whenever we feel the need and know confidently that our baby will be well taken care of between now and when she is ours full time!

Mike & Kristie Pomerance


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